About Us

For over 20 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to delivering a more proactive, less costly healthcare experience.

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Our Values

Our personal beliefs form the basis of the values at Therady. Regardless of the specific job, from answering the phone, evaluating a patient, or filling out a form correctly, we are guided by the following principles.


We are deeply committed to learning and teaching in pursuit of continual improvement.


We strive to use only positive language and have a positive attitude.

Outward Orientation

Producing results for others is what makes us exceptional. Everything we employ exists to begin, enhance, or renew a relationship.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide better outcomes for employers and employees by reversing the traditional pathway of injury treatment through proactive healthcare.

Create connections with your team

Our therapists are familiar with your industry and take the time to get to know and build trust with your employees. This helps us advocate for their needs while also putting them in the driver’s seat of their own well-being.

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Provide your employees with real-time care

Removing barriers to healthcare helps your employees see why proper and timely care matters. We meet your employees where they are for early and proactive on-site physical therapy services.

Identify and drive efficient strategies forward

We’re here to help you boost productivity, reduce employee turnover, lower premiums, and avoid other challenges associated with inefficient wellness approaches. This is why we actively work with you and your employees to identify insightful and practical solutions for injury mitigation.

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Promote your workplace culture

We believe in helping you create a culture of wellness at your company. Not just because it shows good financial sense, but because it shows you care about your employees.

Boost brand reputation by building a healthier workforce.

Your employees are your assets—they’re at the center of your business. Investing in their health and safety is a sustainable investment in your company.

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Lead a team of productive, engaged, and healthy employees.

Discover how on-site physical therapy services can increase employee engagement, reduce injuries, and lower your cost of care.