Injury Mitigation

An innovative approach to treating and preventing employee injury that puts you in better control of costs and outcomes.

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The traditional model is time-consuming and costly.


  • On-site injury

Your employee gets pulled off duty or stays on but is distracted, less efficient, and even less safe. Either way, you’re left wondering if there was something that could have prevented this incident.


  • The waiting game

Next, they meet with HR, or maybe the safety manager. Or the urgent care clinic. Or the hospital. Or the specialist. Multiple referrals and long wait times leave your already-stressed employee feeling even more strained.


  • Cookie-cutter care

The traditional healthcare model features bloated, non-customized, and reactive services that don’t always consider the employee’s specific needs.


  • Return to work

If the underlying factors that led to the injury aren’t addressed, your employee is at risk for re-injury. A lack of awareness can lead to employee disengagement and higher costs of care.

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Injury mitigation flips the script on how you care for your employees.

Our proactive approach removes barriers to treatment and prevents injuries from happening.

Discover what happens when on-site physical therapy services are your employees’ entry point to healthcare, instead of their endpoint.


Sensible solutions with on-site therapy services
  • Proactive vs. reactive care
  • Reduced injury rates
  • Faster employee recovery
  • Improved workplace safety
  • Customizable services and pricing for better efficiency
  • Immediate and early access to ergonomic specialists

The New Injury Mitigation Process

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Build a connection

On-site physical therapists collaborate with employees to establish trust and help them do their jobs not just well—but better. Ergonomic evaluations, safety strategies, risk assessments, and education reduce injury rates and improve productivity.

Provide real-time care

Instead of having to leave campus or spend hours in a waiting room, your employee can consult directly with a physical therapist within minutes of a musculoskeletal injury. Whether the injury happens on location or outside working hours, the on-site physical therapists have the expertise to prevent worsening tissue damage and refer out as necessary.

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Create an efficient treatment plan

On-site physical therapists advocate for your employees by providing services that help them fulfill their unique job roles and recovery goals. This includes direct observation of your employee in the work environment to help streamline the return-to-work timeline. Nothing less and nothing more than what they need to feel great again.

Consult with your team

Your on-site physical therapists remain available to support your higher-level goals and help you create strategies to keep your staff safe while saving you money.

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Elevate workplace productivity and empower your employees.

See how Therady can help you change the game when it comes to treating and preventing employee injury.

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Reducing injury rates goes beyond the treatment room.

Injury mitigation is about more than innovative healthcare. Your employees also need to feel empowered and supported.

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Employee Engagement

Employees who feel better, work better. Our on-site providers help your employees feel more in control of their own well-being.

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Direct Physical Therapists

Our licensed and board-certified physical therapists provide research-based care without the wait.

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