Customized and Cost-Effective Physical Therapy Care

What makes your business unique is not only who you are and what you do—it’s also your employees, processes, and protocols. So, when an employee gets injured, why turn to the typical, standard healthcare model?

At Therady, we don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach. Our plan of care provides businesses easy access to one point of contact with the medical background and skillset to ensure your employees receive the care that’s right for them.

We know healthcare—and we’ve seen what the right treatment and experience can do for businesses and employees.

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Driving Cost Efficiency and Better Treatment

The United States Department of Labor estimates that employers pay almost $1 billion per week for direct workers' compensation costs alone. Here’s how Therady’s on-site physical therapy services help your dollar spend go farther.


Dollar Spend with


Care Model


  • Waiting until an injury happens
  • Per session cost
  • Cost of employee leaving work
  • Employee taking time off
  • Slowed work production
  • Urgent care cost
  • Treatment and medication
  • Re-injured employee


Dollar Spend with


Care Model


  • Specific injury treatment
  • No travel time
  • No wait time
  • No additional safety personnel travel time
  • Gain production time that was lost
  • Employee retention increases
  • Employee turnover decreases
  • Employee engagement grows
  • Injury frequency decreases
  • The severity of injuries decreases
  • No replacement employee hiring costs
  • Continuous health assessment
  • Ergonomics and therapy exercises
  • Preventative injury care through employee education

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Invest in your employees —don’t settle for redundant or lower-quality care.

Modern workplace challenges deserve modern solutions. We bring early, efficient, and cost-effective on-site physical therapy services directly to your employees.

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